Vancouver Hair Transplant Surgery – In India?

vancouver hair transplantOne of the distinguishing factors that set Vancouver apart from other parts of the world, aside from its natural beauty, is the lack of Vancouver hair transplant clinics. There are very few Vancouver hair transplant options because of local regulations that make it difficult for clinics to open. When Vancouver hair transplant options aren’t viable, patients travel to find the hair transplant clinic that best suits their needs. Many of these patients travel to India to have their hair transplant surgery. When they do, they usually travel to Eugenix Hair Sciences in Mumbai and New Delhi.

I spent a considerable amount of time reviewing the results and protocols of Eugenix Hair Sciences and really liked what I saw. If you spend some time to investigate, you too will realize that they are at the top of the field. This is why I’m happy to have them as a member of the Hair Transplant Mentor™ group of exceptional hair restoration specialists. Dr. Arika Bansal and Dr. Pradeep Sethi are, in my opinion, truly world class hair restoration specialists regardless of price. The price, however, just happens to be extremely reasonable compared to the other options available in the greater Vancouver area.

For the time ever, Dr. Pradeep Sethi of Eugenix Hair Sciences will be in the Vancouver area to conduct in person consultations. This is a great opportunity that most patients in Canada never get so if you’re considering a Vancouver hair transplant, even after everything I’ve done to educate you, then this is a great opportunity for you. I will also be in attendance so I can meet many of my local Youtube subscribers and we can talk about hair loss and hair surgery. It should be a fun couple of days!

If you’re interested in the opportunity to meet Dr. Sethis, and myself, email the clinic at

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