The Bald Truth

Today, Friday November 5th, 2021

Hair Transplant Mentor™ Presents 

Spencer Kobren's The Bald Truth with Joe Tillman

3:00 PM Pacific

5:00 PM Eastern

10:00 PM GMT 

Call from North America - 1.888.659.3727

Call from the UK/EU -  0203 3724 683

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  1. abragalone

    Hello Joe, I am very seriously considering a hair transplant and very concerned with obtaing a correct and natural hairline. I have curly hair, and I am not seeing anyone that is addressing this, most everyone in these photos have straight hair. Curly hair has a specific direction and pattern. Any thoughts on this? I am living in France and seriously contemplating contacting Dr. Lupanzula at Medikemos Clinic in Belgium. Thanks for any input.

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