Texas Hair Transplant Clinic – A Preview

I just got back from another trip after taking several months off. I have to say that it was great being on the road again. This time I finally went to see the Texas hair transplant clinic, Arocha Hair Restoration in Houston. I've spent a lot of time with Dr. Arocha on the phone and through email for the past year. I can finally say that Arocha Hair Restoration is a powerful choice if you want a Texas hair transplant clinic. In fact, I put Dr. Arocha and the team at Arocha Hair Restoration in the top tier of North America.

A Texas Hair Transplant Clinic to Consider

During the journey to document this Texas hair transplant clinic I decided to do things a bit different. My style of shooting these hair transplant documentaries is evolving as I learn more about the craft of filmmaking. Hopefully you'll see improvements in my presentation. I was pretty excited by the opportunity to visit this Texas hair transplant clinic. The need to do so was overdue.

We were also presented with a unique opportunity to present an unbiased third party shoot of an ARTAS procedure. I've got a lot of footage to sort through for the multiple presentations you'll see. I came away impressed with the latest and greatest version of the ARTAS system. This includes updated algorithms and updated punch sizes and designs.  However, I do still have some concerns about the overall approach that ARTAS is taking. These are things I feel should be looked at more closely in the future but they are not deal breakers. I came away from this ARTAS procedure impressed overall.

What I like about visiting a Texas hair transplant clinic is that I get to come back to Texas after 25 years. It was nice to be reminded of how great the area is. Houston in particular has always held nice memories for me but it has really taken off since I was last there. There's a lot to do and see and the food I was able to gorge on was incredible. That's why it may be a consideration for out of towners that never thought to consider a Texas hair transplant clinic when doing research. Arocha Hair Restoration is in a great location that is quiet and secluded yet is only a few minutes away from the Galleria mall. This is one of the biggest malls in North America and is great for shopping and world class restaurants are in the area, too. Just around the corner from Arocha Hair Restoration is a great seafood restaurant and an excellent BBQ restaurant, as well as a several others.

A Texas Hair Transplant Clinic With Options

Dr. Arocha and the team offer a very clean and well done texas hair transplant clinic procedure which they've been doing for fifteen years but they've also embraced not one, but two variations of follicular unit extraction (FUE) and they've become quite adept at all three procedures, which I was fortunate enough to witness. The FUSS procedure was interesting since that is the strongest area of my experience, both professionally and personally. Dr. Arocha and his lead technician Craig worked in harmony to get the job done. I heard very little verbal communication. This is the mark of a team that has experience as they have performed the same procedure, day in and day out, for fifteen years together as Craig has been with Dr. Arocha since the very beginning.

For FUE Dr. Arocha uses a hand held motorized device developed by Ertip Surgical Instruments. Ertip also makes some of the sharpest FUE punches in the world. Dr. Arocha showed high competence with this FUE method and it is the first procedure I was able to document in his Texas hair transplant clinic. The second FUE variation offered is the ARTAS robotic hair transplant system. Dr. Arocha's Texas hair transplant clinic has been using their ARTAS on a regular basis for the past year and have shown very high resolution images of their results online. Dr. Arocha has demonstrated experienced decision making when determining who is a candidate for the ARTAS system which is why he's been getting great results, with patient donor areas showing minimal scarring and recipient areas showing excellent growth and final results. This is one aspect of the ARTAS that makes sense in the hands of Dr. Arocha. He's an experienced hair transplant surgeon that understands when to use the ARTAS and when to use his handheld micromotor.

When documenting this Texas hair transplant clinic I didn't bother doing a review of my accommodations as where I stayed may not apply to the normal patient experience so you may notice this part of my documentary series is missing. Conditions made it difficult to follow the normal patient routine so I apologize for that if you are expecting to see that part to help plan your visit. Regardless, I'm happy to say that the overall experience was really good and I look forward to putting together the footage for you. Stay tuned!


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