Texas Hair Restoration Clinic – Arocha Hair Restoration Part II

I consider myself to be very lucky because I'm in a position that allows me to travel to different clinics all over North America and Europe to meet and evaluate clinics and I get to work with seemingly endless gigabytes of video footage to show you why I think the doctors I work with are worth considering. Another benefit is that I get to watch surgeries from various world class surgeons. This is a one of my passions and when I arrived at the Texas hair restoration clinic of Dr. Arocha I was happy to see that he would make a great addition to the group of hair transplant doctors I work with.

A Texas Hair Restoration Clinic With a Strong Skillset

In the previous video I was able to show Dr. Arocha's FUE skills and there was some funny banter back and forth with the patient as I recorded the entire procedure. This video highlights the procedure scheduled for the next day which was a strip procedure. I've been involved with a LOT of strip surgeries and so it's always with great interest that I watch a strip surgery from a doctor I'm not familiar with as it allows me to test my own knowledge but to also learn. Watching Dr. Arocha I was able to learn about the differences in his procedure vs. other doctors I've observed and how he believes these differences serve him and his patients. I have to say that I enjoyed watching every second of this particular surgery and Dr. Arocha pulled it off flawlessly. His assistant Craig demonstrated his skills in assisting Dr. Arocha throughout the day and the patient was completely at ease all day.

Speaking of the patient, he represented another reason why I love what I do. I get to meet patients that are about to undergo, in most cases, their very first hair transplant procedure and I have to admit that it makes me a bit envious. It's a scary but exciting thing to go through but the patient during this shoot was a champ. During the Q&A session he explained to me how he came to find Dr. Arocha and what he felt set this Texas hair restoration clinic apart from the others and from what he said it sounded like his decision was an easy one.

I've got a few more videos to share of this Texas hair restoration clinic that will show what I saw and highlight why I'm happy to work with Dr. Arocha. Stay tuned!

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