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smp training I've been working hard on a new project and it is finally ready to share. With the expansion of scalp micropigmentation in the hair restoration world there have been a lot of questionable claims and even more questionable results. In addition, there has been no real structure to the scalp micropigmentation industry and it has left every company fighting tooth and nail for your bald scalp.

I have created a new website,, with a few goals in mind. To present "the other side" of the SMP coin, the one that the established permanent SMP companies don't want you to know about. There is some good general information but if you are familiar with the SMP industry at all there is also one blog post in particular that will blow you away. It has to do with truth in advertising, and let me tell you, there is a LOT of truth missing in SMP advertising and I have the proof!

The website is geared toward not only educating about SMP in general and tricopigmentation by Beauty Medical but also to provide a resource for clinics that have trained with Beauty Medical to use for communication and continued education. One thing I've learned about tricopigmentation technicians in general is that they love to share information but the problem is that they haven't had a secure, private area to do so without resorting to one on one Facebook messages and emails. I've fixed this issue with a private forum where tricopigmentation technicians can safely interact and share their work and take part in Q&A sessions.

smp trainingI also have a commitment from Milena Lardi of Beauty Medical to take an active role in the forum. I have set up a specific category, "Ask Milena" where technicians can not only ask questions of Milena but they can also see previously asked questions and Milena's answers for reference. In addition there will be live stream continuing education courses where Milena will be sharing with members updates to the techiques she developed with live sessions performed online for member clinics to view and learn from. This forum is closed to the public and is only available for use by member clinics.



SMP Training at TriAC™

Finally, I have taken a role with Beauty Medical as the B2B sales representative with the focus of recruiting surgical hair restoration clinics for SMP training at TriAC™, the international Tricopgimentation Academy established by Beauty Medical. Through TriAC™ surgical hair restoration clinics can receive SMP training with Milena Lardi and her team to learn the latest in tricopigmentation tecniques and theories. I honestly believe that tricopigmentation is the common sense and rational solution for scalp micropigmentation patients. Shaved effect results are fantastic and it also allows for the thickening effect to be established, which you do not see from the permenant SMP companies. No long term screw ups to contend with and no permanent reminders of potential mistakes made. Tricopigmentation is just better SMP. Better aesthetics, better options, better delivery, better everthing. That is why I believe in SMP training from TriAC™ and the procedure performed by Beauty Medical partner clinics.

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