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Hair Transplant Mentor™- Project Repair

I started my hair transplant repair journey a long time ago. It is has been over 20 years now since my first brush with hair transplant fate which was an event that was to eventually shape my entire life. I have traveled extensively throughout North America and Europe because of that first hair transplant so long ago. I have taken a career path that few have even thought to exist. In fact, before I came along, my career path didn’t exist because I created it for myself. I eventually married the woman I married due to my first hair transplant from twenty years ago and I even started my own business because of this as well. It is amazing to me how one decision can affect everything about one’s future. During these years there has been one occasional thought that has seen lingering in the back of my mind. It has been a dream that I was never really in a position to fulfill because it would involve the time, effort and of course large sums of money of other individuals aside from myself. What is this dream? This dream is to establish a true hair transplant repair program that can do some real good for patients that have been harmed in the past by the very procedure they sought to fix their problems with hair loss. Well, being independent and having the ear of multiple doctors has put me into a very unique position. I am very happy to announce the first ever TRUE hair transplant pro-bono repair program. This program is called Project Repair.
What is Project Repair? Project Repair is a hair transplant repair program that is designed to help those that have been damaged or disfigured from previous hair transplant surgery and cannot afford hair transplant repair surgery. In other words, the hair transplant repair procedure or procedures that patients will receive are completely free. The patient is only responsible for their travel and accommodations during their journey. In some cases where the recipient of pro-bono hair transplant repair work cannot afford travel and accommodations arrangements will be made to assist them in this regard. It is designed to simply help those that are not in a position financially to help themselves.
How is Project Repair different? There have been some pro-bono offers before but the recipients of these offers have been required to publicly showcase their results so that the clinic responsible for the improvement gets a lot of marketing opportunities. It is an effective marketing campaign as it does get a lot of attention for the clinic assuming the patient sees obvious improvement. Project Repair is not like this. To receive free hair transplant repair their is no requirement for a public display of the patient’s story. The program is designed to simply help those that are in need and nothing more. In fact, it is preferred that the patient not be paraded around the internet.

Hair Transplant Repair

How does Project Repair work? Project Repair is easy. Simply fill out the form below so that we can get started. Note that you must have photos to submit along with the form. **UPDATE** There is now a place to submit video if you have decide to film your results to better show us what looks unnatural. You should take this opportunity to share a few words with the doctors about your case and what you would like to achieve. Hair transplant repair video links are accepted from Google Drive, Dropbox, Youtube and any other link you have to share. There is a special field at the bottom of the form for your video link.

All of your information will be kept 100% confidential. Once your information is received your case will be discussed with each member doctor participating in the hair transplant repair pro-bono program. We will discuss the options that are possible for your case and the doctor best suited to help you will be assigned to perform your hair transplant repair procedure(s). This is not a program that ends with one case addressed by each member doctor. This is an ongoing project that seeks to help patients on an ongoing basis. As long as a doctor is a Hair Transplant Mentor™ partner they will accept one new case each year. Hair transplant repair procedures are not necessarily limited to one surgery. Some hair transplant repair patients will need multiple procedures to restore a normal appearance and each Hair Transplant Mentor™ member doctor has agreed to this possibility. In other words, your hair transplant repair will continue until a normal and natural appearance is achieved, or as close as is surgically possible.
I’m very proud to offer this opportunity for those in need. As a hair transplant repair patient myself I understand the desperation that develops when trying to find the money to “get fixed”. I’ve been there and it is because of my own good fortune that I am very happy to be in a position to offer this opportunity to those that are in similar situations as I was once in.
Good luck!