Dr. Jerry Cooley, North Carolina Hair Transplant Doctor

July of last year found me traveling back home to the Southeast. I had already been in contact with North Carolina hair transplant doctor Dr. Jerry Cooley about a number of issues but my journey back to the region presented a convenient last minute opportunity for me to drop in and spend a day with him and his team. It was at this time that I learned just why Dr. Cooley is considered to be one of the best hair transplant surgeons in the world as he not only takes a hands on approach to the entire procedure but his staff is an incredible team to watch in action.

That first visit was unofficial but it showed me enough of his clinic and protocols to allow me to confidently add him as a Hair Transplant Mentor™ partner doctor. I still needed to get some footage of Dr. Cooley in action as that is part of the whole point of working with me in that I need to be able to show my readers and viewers just what it is that makes a clinic worth working with. Therefore, I went back to see North Carolina hair transplant doctor Dr. Jerry Cooley last month and here is the first videos of several that I'll be sharing over the next few months. This is the initial introduction video that shows you the hotel that patients stay in and the journey from the hotel to the clinic.

North Carolina Hair Transplant Doctor Summary

north carolina hair transplant food
Had to get some good Mexican food on this trip!

I was staying at the Hilton Garden Inn Suites which is a five minute drive from the clinic. One thing I can recommend is that if you like Mexican food I found a great little place right behind the hotel called El Vera Cruz Mexican Restaurant. I hadn't planned on seeking out good Mexican food but when I arrived at the hotel it was fairly late at night and I didn't feel like driving around to find a good place to eat so this place was recommend and it was very close so I tried it. I walked in and asked the server what she recommended and out came this incredible chicken dish. I normally don't talk about the food on my trips but I had to mention this place. It's that good!

One tip I have for patients of Dr. Cooley is to sign up for the Hilton Advantage program before you arrive. You can collect points for each time you stay in a Hilton and they can be used as air miles for flights or you can use them to get free stays at any participating hotel owned by Hilton. Be sure to let the front desk personnel know you're a member when you arrive and they'll take your member # and use it to give you points for your stay.

When you arrive at the hotel the staff already knows you're a patient of North Carolina hair transplant doctor Dr. Cooley so they have a gift package prepared with bottled water, some snacks, and a guide to local attractions. Most patients probably won't travel around the area much but it's nice for any family members that might come along. This is another reason why it's good to rent a car during your stay since they don't have a strong public transit system. I touched on this in the video. Getting to the clinic is easy as it literally involves one right turn and two left turns before you're in front of the clinic. Take a moment to park and you're done.

If you're not going to consider going to a North Carolina hair transplant doctor like Dr. Cooley you'll probably find this video of little use but if you are in fact considering Dr. Cooley then this first video will help to make you familiar with what you can expect upon your arrival to the area.

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