Hair Transplant Repair Surgery 1- Week 2- Hair Transplant Haircut

You’ll notice from these next photos and the photos throughout the rest of this section that my hair is much shorter now. I decided after my staple removal to buzz cut my hair down to a #2 clipper so these pictures are the first to show a hair transplant haircut. My idea was that I’d just keep my hair short until the new hair started to grow out and then I’d let it all grow in together. This worked out fairly well for me as most people just noticed I had a very short hair cut and that I was balder than everyone realized, lol! I was actually very open about my hair transplant because I figured that if I tried to hide it and make excuses then I’d just be making a fool of myself. My co-workers at the time were very supportive and they started a betting pool as to when my new transplanted hair would start to grow. I lost.

Below you will see photos taken shortly after my first buzz cut in ten years, since I was in the US Merchant Marines. It was strangely liberating to have such a short cut and to be open about why I cut my hair. At two weeks post surgery the hair that was transplanted had already thinned considerably. This is due to the fact that transplanted hair will fall out after surgery as the surgery triggers the telogen phase of hair growth which is, ironically, a shedding phase. You can clearly see the tree trunk appearance of my old hair grafts from Dr. Norris. This is precisely why I never just shaved my head in the first place. I wasn’t so concerned about my two donor scars. I was concerned about how my head would look with thick pluggy grafts breaking the surface of my skin as they started to regrow. I find this to be more damning, on me anyway, than when the hair was longer.