Hair Transplant Repair Surgery 1- Day 6

Day 6 post-op and I’m seeing a big difference. Many of the dark scabs are coming off and it is due to my recovery regimen. I was told I can stick my head under the shower stream by the end of the first week post-op but when I did I stayed under the shower stream long enough for the scabs to soften and turn white (which is common for hydrated scabs). Once I stepped out of the shower I would take my towel, lay it across the top of my head, and pull forward. The forward movement, and the weight of the towel, provided just enough encouragement for many of the scabs to come off. I’d do this a few times after a shower and by day 6 the majority of scabs were off of my scalp. You can see some of the fruits of my efforts with one of the more famous “scabs in sink” photos you’ll ever see:) When I first posted this in March 2002 I received a lot of comments.