Hair Transplant Repair Surgery 1- Day 5

Five days after my hair transplant surgery repair I noticed the appearance of my scalp began to change. The scabs were getting darker and a coating developed that is difficult to describe. It was almost like a thin skin had formed and then cracked and then “gaps” formed where there were once scabs. I later figured out that when the body experiences trauma it produces edema to act as a natural cushion against further trauma. Edema is a yellowish/brownish fluid and when it starts to collect in areas of the scalp where hundreds and thousands of incisions are made then it can eventually seep or leak out through these incisions. Once it makes it’s way outside the scalp it then dries and eventually starts to break apart thus forming these gaps or cracks that can appear on the scalp.

This hair transplant result photo is a bit fuzzy but you get the idea.