Hair Transplant Repair Surgery 1- Day 2

This is day two after my first hair transplant repair with Dr. Wong. I had 2406 grafts but I actually lost one, as you can see in the photos below, so I wound up with 2405. BUMMER!!!! You can tell if you lose a follicular unit that has been placed during a hair transplant because there is a definite stream of blood that exits the incision that used to hold the graft. Blood will not ooze, it will continuously pump out but for a short time until coagulation kicks in and slows the stream to nothing. I admit, I did freak out for a short while but then I realized, in the long run, it makes absolutely ZERO difference to the final result.

The hair transplant recipient site is looking cleaner but everything is still very delicate.

You can see the swelling. Some guys get it much worse, I never had it worse than this but I still look like and alien with the Star Trek treatment.

I lost a graft! That is what the rivulet of dried blood is front so in the end I had 2405 grafts:(

The hair transplant is taking nicely.

The SHINE! Nah, there’s nothing obvious about this.

You can see the temple reconstruction that Dr. Wong did. It looks weird here, but once it healed and grew out it looked great.

A better view of the hair transplant placement.

The crown, bare and wide open. For now, muhahahaha!