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Hair Transplant Repair 2

When I first walked through the doors of Dr. Wong's office I never imagined the journey that I had set up for myself. I never expected full coverage and I didn't even know what temple points were. That all changed as I become more active online in the various discussion boards and I learned more about the surgery and the options that were available. This was all before I started working for the clinic so I was learning through research and through speaking with my consultant Mike Ferko.

When I went to see Dr. Wong for my nine month follow up he noted that not only did I have excellent growth but I also had an improvement in my crown on the bottom half of the whorl. Dr. Wong said that this was a good sign and would indicate that I'd have a great result from more surgery. Long story short, we agreed to do a second procedure. During the follow up visit he only talked about slightly lowering my hairline, adding density to the top and addressing the top half of the whorl pattern of my crown. The theory was that as the hair in the top half of my crown whorl grew out gravity would take over and help the hair to "drape" over the bottom half of my whorl therefore giving a continuity to my coverage. This eventually proved to be a brilliant strategy as you'll see after these initial hair transplant surgery pictures.

When I got to the clinic for my second procedure I was prepped just like I was before. But once Dr. Wong started mapping out the procedure he started drawing on the side of my scalp. He had already brought my right temple forward a bit because it had receded more than the left but he wanted to rebuild my temple points. When he said this I had no idea what he was talking about. Turns out, the temple points are the triangular tufts of hair slight above and behind your eyebrows. What I realized after having transplanted temple points is that they help to balance out one's profile. If the temple points are no longer present then it makes even the best hair transplant result look like a wig because wig's cannot recreate the temple points. The result will look "front heavy" therefore if you have receded in these areas a lot it is wise to have transplanted temple points to balance everything out.


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