First Two Surgeries

Here is the page that shows what I had to deal with from the age of 24 to the age of 31. I had my first two hair transplant surgeries when I was 22 but the native hair took a few more years to disintegrate into ash and to ultimately reveal the surgical work that was performed on me by Dr. Richard Norris and his wife and daughter duo support team. These bad hair transplant results were from the combination of naivety and misinformation. With today’s access to information there is little excuse to receive such bad hair transplant results from anyone.

This is why I decided to get into the chair again. I had this hairline from about the age of 25 after my native hair “escaped”.

You can see here why wind was my mortal enemy.

Even though I brushed my hair forward you can still see the thick hairline grafts.

The grafts are always visible in the front.

From the right side you can see how the side has dropped and created a gap.

There wasn’t really much to do here. I was greatfull that my hair was strong enough overall to hide the two wide donor scars that you don’t see here.

This is a pretty telling picture. Lots of real estate with some tree trunks that need to be rooted up.

Yeah, have fun swimming! Not. Going. To Happen.

The sides were completely virgin at this point so I had some good reserves to pull from.

These bad hair transplant results photos were taken in anticipation of my first hair transplant repair surgery. I wanted to document what I looked like at the time because I had a feeling I’d want to be able to look back on this time in my life and I thought it would be good to be able to compare. The concept of the “before & after” photo had not been around online for very long but the degree of documentation I was about to undertake had never even been conceived of before.