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My Hair Transplants

Hair transplant surgery is a tricky thing. It can be, quite literally, a life saving procedure for many people. For many other people however it can be a horrible event that negatively and severely impacts the rest of a patient’s life. My case is one that is different than that of most people because I have had results that put me on both sides of the coin.
For years I had a very pluggy hairline and just a really bad result overall, which you’ll learn about shortly, and for many years I’ve been fortunate enough to have a very good result after having multiple repair procedures, all of which are documented on this website.

The documentation you will see on the following pages of my hair transplant repair surgery is the first of it’s kind on the internet. It began in January, 2002 when I first set up my then anonymous persona on a hair transplant forum where patients were sharing their experiences. I went by the name “Jotronic”. My documentation is still the most comprehensive set of images and information provided by any hair transplant patient anywhere in the world. When I set out to document my journey it was not with the intention of pushing any boundaries or promoting the clinic that I chose for my repair. No, it was simply an effort to share with my family back home what I was about to go through. They told me that they were worried since I had already been through two surgeries with bad results so they didn’t like the idea of me trying a third time. My goal was to simply show them that I was doing ok and the logical way for me to do that was to take a lot of pictures.

After I started taking photos I decided to share a few of them with the online community and more people were asking for progress reports. At the time, I had started a website using Yahoo’s free 10mb of web space that is given to anyone that signs up to use Yahoo mail so this was the home of the first “” website even though the domain was not the same.

You will find an index of each surgical section detailing my experience and my journey. Strap yourself in and grab your favorite beverage because this is going to take a while.

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