Hair Transplant Mentor

Member Sign-Up

Membership definitely has its privileges, but first, you should read the basic requirements for consideration.

  1. You need to be an IAHRS member in good standing. The International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons is the premiere global organization that accepts members based solely on their ability to perform consistently natural results and have exhibited an understanding of basic patient care. If you’re a member, we can talk. If not, you should consider applying.
  2. You need to have completed a minimum of 750 surgeries.
  3. You must be able to show that you’re proficient with hair transplant repair work.
  4. You must demonstrate that you emphasize education for all of your patients.
  5. You should be able to show that you proactively encourage surgery as a last resort.
  6. Be prepared to explain how you push “prevention” with your patients.
  7. Document how you use microscopes to create, refine and dissect single hair follicular units as needed.
  8. Be prepared to show how you respect proper medical protocols and even share scanned copies of your last medical inspection.
  9. Demonstrate your understanding of “naturalness” in your results.
  10. Discuss how you maintain proper doctor/patient boundaries and don’t misuse social media like you’re trying to be.
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