Los Angeles Hair Transplant Doctor- Dr. Baubac

I've been getting emails quite often asking about Los Angeles hair transplant doctor options that I can recommend. Finally, I can recommend a Los Angeles hair transplant doctor that appears to check all the boxes that I consider to be important for me. Dr. Baubac Hayatavoudi, or “Dr. Baubac” of the Alvi Armani clinic in Beverly Hills has what appears to be a solid set of ethics, a real desire for doing the best work possible, and best of all, he’s a hair nerd like the rest of us. He's also an accepted member of the IAHRS which is a prerequisite for a clinic to have before I work with them.

los angeles hair transplant doctorHere’s the thing about Dr. Baubac that I learned early on. You can’t just have a short talk about hair with the guy because those talks turn into half an hour, then an hour, then an hour and a half. When I was first having discussions with Dr. Baubac I learned that he was even listening to Spencer Kobren’s The Bald Truth while he was in college (before I was became the co-host of course) because he was having concerns about his own hair loss at the time. He’s also had two hair transplants himself with the founder of the clinic, Dr. Armani, so he really understands the issues that hair loss sufferers face and what it’s like to go through multiple hair transplant procedures.

Regarding his protocols, he checks all the boxes that are important to me and those include areas of post-operative patient care, intra-operative infection controls and of course, the “doctor only” approach he takes to hair restoration surgery. He performs the surgery, not a tech or a team of techs. He does the scoring, he does the extractions, and he makes the incisions for the grafts.

Los Angeles Hair Transplant Doctor

And here is something else that I learned. I’m going to produce a video for my Hair Transplant Class series that I feel is very important and that will be addressing the issue of naturalness and hairlines. Since the advent of FUE and the explosion of FUE only clinics it is difficult for me to find clinics that are producing truly natural results but the question becomes, “what is natural?”. To me, natural means more than density and the shape of the hairline. It means that the grafts placed are not multi-hair grafts that give an otherwise excellent hairline result a pluggy appearance. I’m seeing this everywhere but there are a few doctors that know how to make a hairline natural and every one of the doctors I work with fall into that category. Why? Because while they may be performing FUE, or they may even be an FUE only clinic, they’re still using microscopes to refine and dissect their grafts. Yes, I’m talking about the same microscopes used in strip surgery. Alvi Armani is an FUE only clinic but Dr. Baubac insists that his technicians use microscopes to make sure those single hair grafts really are single hair grafts and this is why you don’t see rows of multi-hair grafts in the the hairlines he produces.

You can see in this example, when I zoom in, the hairline is made of single hair grafts. You can also see proper graft selection was used for this hairline case as well. These are only a few examples of what I feel makes a natural hair line, natural.

We’ll be diving deeper into the Alvi Armani clinic in Beverly Hills and Los Angeles hair transplant doctor, Dr. Baubac, over the next several months with episodes showing the clinic, the surgery, and how things are done so be sure to subscribe to get all the updates.

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