iGrow gets FDA clearance

igrow_helmet_01I have never been a fan of laser hair restoration devices. I have talked in the past about how the laser diodes in such devices are no different than the laser diodes found in a common laser pointer you can get from your local office supply store. From my research several years ago they have about the same wattage, are in the same class per US government guidelines and have the wavelength that is very similar. For the cheapest of laser pointers the wavelength is about 650 nm whereas the ones used in this particular device are advertised as 670 nm. Very VERY little difference. Now, this isn't to say that this device isn't the best thing since sliced bread but when one knows what they are getting through personal research the answers become a bit more clear. I suggest that if you are interested in this device, or any other out there like it, do your research on the difference between FDA Clearance (510K clearance to be exact) and FDA Approved. They are very different in what they mean for you the consumer.

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