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Is This The Treatment We’ve Been Waiting For?

stem cell hairI've read, heard and seen it all. Stem cells is such an overused term that it no longer has any sort of meaning or significance for me. However, my wife was perusing the interwebs this morning and this story popped up on her Facebook feed (but not mine???) and she pointed it out to me. I at first gave it only 1.3 seconds of my time but then she kept reading it and then I got a bit more interested. This seems to be the most promising, yet still unsubstantiated, development in the quest for stem cell based hair restoration. It's development is still only worked with mice, which seems to be the usual case, but they injected human pluripotent stem cells into the mice thus the hair that was grown was HUMAN hair. How much hair and how viable it was is another question but I felt it was worthy of posting up to let you guys know about it. Could the ultimate treatment, short of an actual cure, be here soon?

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For those that don't get blurry eyed reading scientific journals, you can read the original submission here...



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