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How to Become a Member

What is The Hair Transplant Mentor™?

The Hair Transplant Mentor™ originally started out as a simple name to describe the experience and the guidance of Joe Tillman and how it relates to men and women around the world seeking experienced and genuine information about their hair restoration options. Over the years, the reference of being a Hair Transplant Mentor” has become synonymous with the concept that transparency, combined with positive ethics and skill, can be the most powerful form of marketing possible. Do a good job, treat your patients fairly, and avoid unnecessary promises. That is what being a Hair Transplant Mentor™ partner is all about.

Incredible Standards Built From Experience

As the Hair Transplant Mentor™ Joe Tillman has had personal experience with surgical hair restoration since 1992 when he began his journey to find his own hair loss solutions. In 2002 he became the world’s first hair transplant blogger, before “blog” was even a word, where he documented his own hair restoration repair experiences in near real time. in 2003 he entered the field as a professional having already built a strong reputation online for helping others find the right solution for their own hair loss concerns. From 2003 Joe Tillman was largely responsible for the rise and exposure of the Hasson & Wong clinic in Vancouver Canada through his online presence and mentoring of patients from around the world. As the face of the company he helped to set new standards in patient presentations and helped H&W become the first clinic in the world to standardize on high definition video in order for patients to make the most informed decisions possible. The theme of “exposure marketing” dominated how he lead the company to worldwide online recognition.

Hair Transplant Practice Consulting

Since 2014 Joe Tillman has been working with multiple clinics worldwide, reviewing their clinical operations and helping to streamline administrative and marketing workflows. Sometimes having an unbiased but experienced third party to help with varying challenges that clinics face day to day can be what sets one clinic apart from their competition.

High Standards For Partnership

Since becoming independent from Hasson & Wong and the Rahal Hair Restoration clinic in 2014 Joe Tillman has been building into the most comprehensive hair transplant educational resource anywhere, which includes the Hair Transplant Mentor™ Youtube channel as well as the most comprehensive online hair restoration glossary on the web. Since becoming independent one of the most common questions received from patients are “Which clinic do you recommend?”. The only way to ethically answer this question would be to recommend clinics that Joe Tillman would consider for himself and this is how the Hair Transplant Mentor™ partner clinic program was born. Recommendations are a very powerful tool especially when it comes to cosmetic surgery. As someone that thousands of people have looked to for advice it is a responsibility taken very seriously.

To be considered for recommendation as a Hair Transplant Mentor™ partner clinic you must already carry the seal of the International Alliance of Hair Restoration Surgeons. This is a standard for not only quality of your procedure but it says you believe in the message that patients do not have to have surgery to have a normal and productive life. Hair transplant surgery is an elective procedure and IAHRS members want patients to first consider that hair transplant surgery should be the last option. This mirrors the message of the Hair Transplant Mentor™

Hair Transplant Mentor™ candidacy includes a strong demonstrable policy of “patient first” care. You must show that you have a desire to watch over your patient’s post-operative care just like you do with their preoperative care. Intra-surgical and post surgical infection prevention protocols have to be strong and you must obviously adhere to your state or provincial guidelines for operational standards. Of course, you have to have a strong track record of happy patients and an attention to detail that produces truly natural results. Massive super sessions and ultra high dense packing are not important because nothing should be more important than naturalness and conservation of the patient’s donor resources.

Base Requirements for Membership

  1. IAHRS member in good standing.
  2. A minimum of 750 hair restoration surgeries.
  3. Demonstrate a proficiency with repair work.
  4. Emphasize patient education.
  5. Encourage surgery as the last resort.
  6. Stress hair loss prevention to your patients.
  7. Demonstrate efficient use of microscopes for follicular dissection and refinement.
  8. Respect proper medical protocols.
  9. Demonstrate an understanding of what looks natural.
  10. Proactive post-operative patient care.
  11. Maintains proper doctor/patient boundaries.
  12. Does not misuse social media marketing.
  1. If you meet these basic criteria then you may qualify to become a Hair Transplant Mentor™ partner clinic. If not, you can still speak with Joe Tillman about how to work together to bring about the change necessary to help your patients and ultimately qualify your practice for membership. We look forward to working with you!


    If you are interested in becoming a Hair Transplant Mentor™ partner clinic fill out the form below. Your application will be reviewed and you will be contacted shortly.

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