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Dr. Bernard Arocha

Houston hair transplant doctor
Dr. Bernard Arocha of Houston, Texas

If you have at any point looked for a Houston hair transplant doctor, then you've no doubt read about Dr. Bernard Arocha and Arocha Hair Restoration clinic based out of Houston, Tx. If you are not in Houston and have looked for a Texas hair transplant specialist, it is still easy to find Dr. Arocha because he also has an office for hair transplant consultations in Dallas and he's also recognized as a hair restoration specialist in Austin. Even if you aren't in Texas and you have been an occasional visitor to any of the various hair transplant forums it would be hard to miss his name.

I first met this Houston hair transplant doctor in September 2015 at the ISHRS annual meeting in Chicago, Illinois. He approached me while I was working with the good people from Beauty Medical. We immediately recognized each other from our respective online reputations and from there our discussions covered several topics off and on through the multi-day event. Dr. Arocha immediately struck me as a man of humility. He did not appear to have an ego like so many other hair restoration doctors that I've met over the years and he gave me the distinct impression that he cares very much about the well being of his patients and the results he delivers for them. I actively look for these qualities in every doctor I speak with that is inquiring about becoming a Hair Transplant Mentor™ Partner Doctor and when I do come across such qualities they stand about, quite simply because they are not very common.

Why A Houston Hair Transplant Doctor?

What I have noticed about Dr. Arocha is that he appears to be a true Texas hair transplant specialist with what I consider to be a real talent and strong ability to deliver consistently excellent hair restoration results. When he first started to share his results online he didn't stand out to me as being different than the majority of the clinics that also share their results online but over the years I began to notice his work more and more. His particular strength appears to be repair work as I've seen multiple patient cases that showcased this talent. This is not to say that he is not equally as skilled on virigin scalps, as I strongly feel that he is, but as a repair patient myself I tend to gravitate to such cases. They are more difficult and the patients tend to have a deeper appreciation when they finally reach the original goals they set out to achieve.

With regards to new patients and virgin scalps, Dr. Arocha has an eye for the finer details which is another quality I appreciate. This may have something to do with his own artistic ambitions as a painter and an art collector as this indicates a true artistic aesthetic that aids him in his hairline designs. I'm seeing work come out of the clinic of this Houston hair transplant doctor that have a naturalness and a density that I believe puts him into the higher level of hair restoration surgeons currently operating in North America. He is certainly, in my opinion, the most talented comprehensive hair restoration doctor in Texas, of which there is a lot of competition.

As with all of the doctors I work with Dr. Arocha works closely with his very experienced technicians for final placement of follicular units into incisions he creates himself. He is a believer in giving as much of his attention to the patient as possible and through my discussions with him I am certain he has a level of care and concern for his patients that few can match. Dr. Arocha uses three methods for his FUE, including ARTAS robotic FUE, a motorized hand held punch system and non-motorized hand held punches. Punch sizes vary from .8mm to .9mm respectively.

Dr. Arocha has several designations to his name including:

  • American Board of Hair Restoration Surgery 2005
  • International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • American Society of Hair Restoration Surgery
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery
  • American Hair Loss Association

A Texas Hair Transplant Specialist

As a hair transplant doctor in Houston, Dr. Arocha has a list of specialties that is impressive. He is the only hair transplant doctor in houston to work routinely with body hair and is one of only a few doctors in North America to do so. He has vast experience with beard hair restoration and mustache restoration for those patients in such need. He also does work to restore not only eyebrows but also eyelashes, which is a growing field in it's own right. This Houston hair transplant doctor used to focus on FUSS procedures exclusively but the past several years have seen a massive growth in his number of FUE cases which he now regularly performs. He offers both manual and ARTAS robotic FUE procedures and will work with his patients to fully educate them regarding which options they may wish to consider.

I have a lot of experience with megasession hair restoration surgeries and Dr. Arocha understands the value of such hair transplant procedures. However, also like me, he has learned that most of the time, bigger is not always better, so instead of pushing his FUSS procedures to get the maximum amount of hair in one procedure he preferes to get a lot of hair but not so much that it will potentially tax the donor zone, leaving less hair for future surgeries or, even worse, causing a wide donor scar. Even with this "not quite the maximum" approach he still moves more hair in one procedure than any other hair transplant doctor in Texas and he routinely moves as much hair as the better hair restoration clinics recognized throughout North Amercia.

I highly suggest that if you are interested in finding a Houston hair transplant doctor Dr. Bernard Arocha should be at the very top of your list. You can view the results of Dr. Arocha's work on his hair transplant results gallery.