Hair Transplant Mentor

Hair Transplant Surgery Repair 1 - Week 5

Five weeks was a big turning point for me. Instead of looking for more hair, I looked for less hair, in the form of getting an even shorter hair cut. Before, I had been buzzing to a #2 guard but now I wanted to go shorter so I went with a #1 guard. This allows two things to happen. First, there is less of a contrast between my hair and my scalp. When you’re bald or balding longer hair on the sides makes for a stronger contrast which only serves to highlight the fact that you’re bald. Second, I wanted a clearer view of what was going on in my donor zone, particularly the donor scar. It was still red at five weeks post-op but I shouldn’t have expected otherwise. I wanted to measure it as I had been getting questions about this online. So, I went the extra mile and did what was necessary to show everyone.
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