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Craig Barton, MD

Dr. Craig Barton

If you have been searching for a Salt Lake City, Utah area hair transplant specialist for your hair loss needs, it hasn’t been an easy thing to do. Salt Late City hair transplant doctors have never made national, much less worldwide recognition for amazing results. In fact, I know of no patient that I’ve ever spoken to that has ever said they were traveling to Salt Lake City, or anywhere in Utah, for their hair transplant. I have however spoken with dozens of patients over the years that have travelled OUT of Utah for their hair restoration needs. That will most likely change starting now. Dr. Craig Barton, of the Alvi Armani clinic in Salt Lake City is now a Hair Transplant Mentor™ associate member.

Dr. Barton started out as a hair loss sufferer himself, having dealt with the same issues we have all dealt with as this condition worsens over time. That includes anxiety, embarrassment, awkward social situations, even depression and more. Thankfully, Dr. Barton found the Alvi Armani clinic in Beverly Hills, California and was a patient of his eventual mentor and friend, Dr. Baubac Hayatdavoudi. Being a doctor and a hair loss sufferer, Dr. Barton was able to appreciate the attention to detail that hair restoration surgery requires, which eventually lead to him developing a strong interest in learning the art and science of hair transplant surgery. Who better to train him than his own doctor, Dr. Baubac?

Dr. Barton did not leave Salt Lake City (his home) to spend a weekend in Los Angeles to attend a hair transplant seminar. He left his family and friends behind for two solid years to train exclusively with Dr. Baubac with the goal of being an Alvi Armani hair transplant surgeon in Salt Lake City, Utah. With his training complete and the new facility finished, you now have an Alvi Armani Hair Transplant specialist offering surgical and non-surgical hair restoration options in Salt Lake City. Dr. Barton has a unique and comprehensive background. Before he became a highly successful board certified specialist in primary care sports medicine, he worked in construction and landscape design where he could nurture and exercise his artistic sense, which expanded his interest in architectural aesthetics. His first college degree was a BA in Mandarin (Chinese) from the University of Utah. Afterward, he eventually went on to complete his medical doctorate from University of Utah and fellowships with University of South Alabama and Bayfront Health in St. Petersburg, Florida as well as John’s Hopkins Children’s Hospital. He went on to work in Sports Medicine and provided care for the Tampa Bay Rays, Tampa Vipers as well as the New York Yankees.

Having a varied background myself, I can appreciate how this influences one’s view on the world. I personally believe that it allows for a more open mind when it comes to dealing with day to day challenges and allows one to have a perspective that others may not have themselves. The training and experience that Dr. Barton has achieved, and his focus on learning the finer details of hair restoration surgery, under the tutelage of Dr. Baubac, makes him a worthwhile consideration for anyone’s hair restoration needs. Dr. Barton performs all of the FUE follicle harvesting from the donor zone himself. He learned over several months how to separate, refine and dissect follicular units using stereoscopic dissecting microscopes. He also makes all recipient sites and places some of the grafts along with his technicians. The man is really focused on being very involved with every surgery he performs.

If you want to learn more about Salt Lake City hair transplant surgeon Dr. Craig Barton, contact the Alvi Armani Hair Transplant Clinic for more information.

Dr. Craig Barton has passed my rigorous review process before being given Hair Transplant Mentor™ accepted member status. The review process is based on my own high standards based on over twenty years of working with world class clinics. Once accepted, every Hair Transplant Mentor™ member clinic pays a monthly retainer fee for membership and my services.

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