Hair Transplant Review Finale – Dr. Lupanzula

london hair transplant reviewThis hair transplant review video has taken a long time to get to because when I was in Brussels, Belgium filming my visit to Medikemos Hair Restoration I recorded a lot of footage, more than I realized. In fact, there is still a lot of footage I haven't shared. The other reason why it took so long to wrap up this series was because it was very difficult to get the patient to send in his final result photos. Dr. Lupanzula's support staff told me that the patient reported being very happy with the final result but the staff started to get nervous because every appointment they made with the patient to see him in person had to be cancelled. The patient doesn't live in Belgium but rather he lives in Paris, where a lot of Dr. Lupanzula's patients come from. I came to learn that the patient has a profession that keeps him very busy so that was why he had to keep cancelling his appointments with Dr. Lupanzula when he was coming to Paris for follow ups with patients and consultations with new patients. Still, it made the production of this final video difficult because the photos provided were not as comprehensive as I would have liked. However, the result is obvious and there doesn't appear to be any problems which is why the patient want to come back to address his crown.

London Hair Transplant Review

With the increasing amount of hair transplant surgeries being performed all around the world I feel that it is more and more important for patient to find a legitimate hair transplant review outlet where they can trust the hair transplant review being presented. One way to go about that is to look not so much toward anonymous reviewers online in places such as Realself of individual forums but rather to find the most legitimate hair transplant review from patients that have had the surgery. I was speaking with a patient today that had spend a lot of time researching doctors and had even traveled to Europe from the United States to interview doctors but he never once had seen a hair transplant in person. While this hair transplant review is very legitimate, since I only recommend surgeons I'd consider having surgery with myself nothing beats the hair transplant review of an actual patient that has had hair transplantation with the doctor or clinic you are considering.

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