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Hair Transplant Mentor

Hair Transplant Reversal Surgery 1 - Month 3

Three months post into my first hair transplant reversal and I’m letting my hair grow a bit longer in anticipation of continued new growth. It has started but it hasn’t really kicked in hard core yet. This can be the worst time to be a hair transplant reversal patient because you are smack dab in the middle of the ugly duckling stage and you get a bit desperate waiting for the new hair to really make a difference. I was on the phone and in the office with Mike Ferko multiple times to get assurances that my progress was normal. He told me that I was actually a bit ahead of the curve since I had some visible growth at two months post-op.
You’ll notice in my right profile images that the “temple rectangle” is still reddish. This is the issue for pasty white guys like myself but eventually it does disappear completely.