Hair Transplant Mentor

Hair Transplant Repair Surgery- 3 Month 6

Boom!!! The pompadour is born! My third hair transplant 6 months progress update shows my hair growth has really kicked in. The crown is still thin, as it always will be, but it is improving every day and is starting to hit it’s stride. The rest of my hair that was worked on already is well on it’s way growth wise and it also continuing to improve. The difference is strong enough now that I can start brushing my hair back to make it “big” and my style has completely changed. And this is also where the temple point reconstruction really comes into play as the result I have in these photos would look completely artificial without the temple points for balance. Recessed, straight/vertical temples with big hair mean two things. Either your’e wearing a wig and you’re really bald underneath or you’ve had a hair transplant. Having quality temple point work alleviates the chance of this being an issue, assuming everything else looks natural on it’s own.
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