Hair Transplant Repair Surgery- 3 Month 15

I never cut my hair after my last update at seven months post-op to a full fifteen months post-op. I did however get some low key blonde highlights which worked well. I wanted to see how long I could get my hair before it became silly and I think I did pretty good but alas it was time to change things up. I look at these now and I kind of like the look. It was crazy having so much hair flopping around on my head. My bangs were down to the tip of my nose when I pulled them down which I hadn’t done since I was a kid surfing in Florida.

I then went to see my friend Francesca and she really did a number on me to get me a more modern and trendy style. The length was drastically reduced but kept long enough to not be a buzz cut. She then gave me a fairly aggressive blond make over which was much stronger than the lighter highlight job I had before. I was absolutely shocked at this change but it quickly grew on me and I liked it quite a bit. Sometimes I think about trying this again but I kind of like my slightly salt & pepper look that’s forming into my older age. These photos were taken around March 2005 so I was 35 years old and almost exactly four years after my first hair transplant repair with Dr. Wong. I had the appearance of having more hair at 35 than I did at 25 and I think it is safe to say this was an awesome hair transplant final result!

Joe Tillman fifteen month result after hair transplant #3

hair transplant wet hair after FUT surgery

long messy hair after hair transplant repair surgery

overhead view of messy wet hair after hair transplant

slicked hair after hair transplant