Hair Transplant Repair Surgery 3 - Day 4

Working in the clinic with Dr. Wong gave me a great opportunity to be more consistent with my progress photos from my third strip hair transplant. In this set of photos four days after hair transplant repair surgery you can see the areas worked on by Dr. Wong and his team and then the subsequent hair cut by the ever talented Mr. Douglas Kline. Staples are still in and the photos really show you what was done in detail.

With the crown whorl it is easy to see how the placement of new grafts almost acts as an extension of the existing natural pattern as there is no visible deviation in the “flow” of how the pattern unfolds. I’ve always like this about Dr. Wong’s work. The hairline was lowered a little but the entire frontal third was addressed for greater density in general and the right side temple point had a minor adjustment. The left temple point was left untouched this round. Dr. Wong didn’t take any chances, he didn’t push the envelope, he simply added just enough to really allow for more overall freedom with hair styles. You’ll see what I mean later in my documentation.