Hair Transplant Repair Surgery 2 – Month 6

Hair Transplant Repair Surgery 2- Month 6

Time for some outdoor photo love with my hair transplant results after 6 months. This was summer 2003 in Seattle and if you aren’t aware of this there is no place on Earth that has better weather in the summer than the Pacific Northwest, from southern Oregon up to Vancouver, BC. It is phenomenally beautiful and not too hot. I was at a friend’s house and while I was waiting for him to get ready so we could go to the lake I decided to hang out in his front yard and I happened to have my trusty Fuji Finepix camera on hand so I took some photos for my six month update.

Everything is growing and growing strong. The crown is getting better and better and the temple points are simply fantastic. I could stop at this point and with no further improvements or surgery I’d be happy. Of course, fate will disagree with me…