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Hair Transplant Repair Surgery- 2 Day of Surgery- 2425 Grafts

Just because I could have been perfectly happy with the result from my first surgery doesn't mean I have to be. So, without further delay, here is the documentation from my second procedure with Dr. Wong carried out in January, 2003 to the tune of 2425 grafts. Combined with my first surgery (and including the one graft I lost from my first surgery) I've got a total of 4831 grafts transplanted over two sessions.

We decided to go for a second procedure for two reasons. I went back to Vancouver in December, 2002 for a follow up visit as Dr. Wong wanted to see the progress. When I got there he immediately pointed out that my crown appeared stronger than the day of my first surgery. This was noted as seeing the native hair in the bottom half of my crown appearing thicker and stronger and the sides of my crown had started to creep back up instead of continuing down due to additional and progressive loss. This was super good news and showed us that the modest intake of 1/4 Proscar tablet on Monday, Wednesday and Friday was not only halting my loss but also slightly reversing it.

The two reasons why we decided to have a second procedure were that I was getting a bad case of hair greed and Dr. Wong had a desire to "finish the job". I never EVER had ambitions for full coverage much less additional surgeries but once I saw how much the improvement was and how much of a positive difference it made to my life I was naturally curious, if not anxious, to see what could be accomplished for the back (the crown). The round included hair transpant scar repair in addition to the coverage I achieved and that worked out really well. Dr. Wong took one look at my result and thought that he should fill the gap, plug the hole, as it were and looking at these photos I can easily see why it was a good idea. Again, I could have been perfectly happy with my one pass but fate saw it a different way.

On to the photos!


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