Hair Transplant Repair Surgery 2 - Day 2

According to my records this set of photos is two days after my second hair transplant repair surgery and is Saturday February 1st, 2003. Seeing how I already knew what to expect I decided to just do what I knew was safe to do. Part of my actions were because I was impatient but also because I had to start a new job in two days!

I don’t believe I ever told this story online before. A few days before my second hair transplant repair surgery I had gone to an interview with a local company. It was exciting because I’d be in a high rise over looking Puget Sound in downtown Seattle and the opportunity seemed solid. I got the interview through a friend’s referral and I aced it. I was hired and I was told to report for work the following Monday, February 3rd. Well, I had a surgery scheduled with Dr. Wong on Thursday, January 30th that I decided to keep to myself. Realizing that I looked like a freak after surgery I decided to “encourage” my recovery and improve my appearance as much as possible before my big day. Enter, the beard and moustache trimmer (cue dramatic music). I sometimes get restless and impatient with things ( A-D-D much? ) and in a fit of desperation I decided to shave my own head. Now, the problem with shaving one’s own head while they have staples holding the back of their scalp together is that you tend to be a bit too careful in places where you shouldn’t be so careful and not so careful in places where you should be VERY careful. This is a prime example of such a scenario.

I ran the clippers over the stapled area which probably wasn’t such a good idea as it agitated the staples to the point that it hurt in some places quite a bit. In areas where I was more careful I just simply missed a lot of hair so when all was said and done I had a much shorter hair cut but I looked like I had some sort of mange where I was missing some hair due to disease or an accident. That and the donor zone was pretty sore for a while afterwards.

Anyway, so with all this on my head, and the staples still in my donor zone, I walked into the office of my new job as if nothing had happened. Most of the people in the office didn’t give me a second look because they had never seen me before so they didn’t recognize that I had such a difference in my hair but the guy that hired me, that was a different story, lol! I walked up to him and said, “Hi Chris! I’m ready to start, where’s my office?” or something to that effect. He looked at me with absolute bewilderment and asked who I was. Before I could answer he then shook his head and then realized it was me and then asked me, “What happened to your head?” Bear in mind, my temple points were also heavily worked on so these areas were also standing out as they were red and covered in tiny scabs. He had yet to see the staples as well. My answer was straight up, ” Oh, I had a hair transplant the other day.” His jaw dropped and he just stood there in disbelief, not entirely sure how to respond, so he simply said, “Ok, cool. Ummm, follow me.” He led to me a nice, not quite a corner, office with a smashing view of downtown and the water. And that was that.