Hair Transplant Repair Surgery 1 - Month 5

Five months and I'm hitting the fast lane! There is a vast improvement from the three month update. A great many new hairs have sprouted and gained length. This is already making a huge improvement for my case in that the old work is much more difficult to see. The new growth period was very interesting for me. I started getting more and more pimples at random times, some of which were pretty significant in size and volume. I would pop them every time and sometimes they would return and they'd need to be popped again. Seriously, it was like I was fourteen years old again! These were some serious and deep pimples. Turned out that they were hairs getting trapped during the new growth phase as there is no natural follicular canal for the hair shaft to exit as is the case for native hairs so they have to work their way out on their own by finding a new path. When they get trapped the body takes over and sees the hair shaft as a foreign body so that is when a pimple forms. It's perfectly harmless and many times they go away on their own but I think it's best to free up the hair shaft by popping the pimple once it's reached a head.

This shot was taken with flash.
Not all of the growth started obviously as it was too early but it was much better already!
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