Hair Transplant Mentor

Hair Transplant Repair Surgery 1 - Month 2

Two months after my surgery and all of my newly transplanted hair has completely left my scalp due to the expected and normal shedding period. I was officially in my “ugly duckling” phase The #1 buzz cut continues since I just like the freedom it gives me and it allowed me to monitor the landscape for the first signs of growth. Coincidentally, you can see this new growth in the form of a red bump on my hairline. The growth began at about six weeks and this was just a continuation of more of the same.
You can see in some of these photos the temple work that Dr. Wong performed. In these photos it looks kind of weird because it looks like nothing more than a vertical line of placement, like a rectangle, but in the end it actually worked well as the right side of my hairline had receded more than my left. I learned later on, after I made hair restoration my career, that is is the case for about 90% of all male hair loss sufferers. In fact, even men with no hair loss will have one side that is further back than the other and 9 times out of 10 it will be on the right side.
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