Hair Transplant Repair 4

What? You thought I was done?

Being able to have so many more options for hair styles for several years had been an absolute blessing but there was something missing. There was something nagging me in the back of my mind and I knew that one more shot, just one more trip down surgical lane was needed. My goal? To be able to have shorter hair cuts. Normally a statement like this is associated with problematic and wide donor scars which was not the case for me. No, my problem stemmed from a small imbalance in the overall distribution of grafts from three procedures. This wasn’t the fault of Dr. Wong as the approach he took made perfect sense and at the time was the most logical approach to my case. However, as I continued to get older I decided that it was time to get a bit more conservative with my hair styles. This means shorter and the problem area was my crown.

As you’ll see in the video below Dr. Wong and I discuss the issue. You see, in the past, the only crown work performed was for the top half of the crown, not the bottom half, as Proscar had done a good job of maintaining this region. The terminal nature of the transplanted hair in the top half of the crown is much more robust than the native hair that is in a perpetual state of minor miniaturization in the bottom half of the crown. The density is probably the same or somewhat similar but the differences in hair shaft diameter make the top half of my crown appear to be of higher density than the bottom half of my crown. This made it difficult to have shorter hair cuts as the bottom half would appear weaker thus allowing it to stand out. The discussion was had and the plan was made.

For this time around I felt it was time to “up my game” as it were to offer something a bit more in depth than the same old photos of hair transplant repair procedures that you’ve been seeing from me over the years. Yes, being the one to show the very first hair transplant result video in 2004 I decided it only made sense to film my final surgery with Dr. Wong as a fitting close to my journey ten years later.

As you’ll learn, this first video was shot very early in the morning. My hair had already been washed and was still wet. I came in before Dr. Wong at about 5:30 so that I could have time to sit down for a proper pre-surgical interview without feeling rushed. I still remember how tired I was but it was all for a good cause.