Hair Transplant Repair 3

Here we go again! Hair transplant surgery repair numero tres. 2488 grafts and a continuation of how each subsequent procedure yields more hair than the previous procedure. I don’t know how to properly explain that but I’ll gladly take it. As it stands the tally is as follows…

1. Hair Transplant Surgery 1 – 2406 Grafts

2. Hair Transplant Surgery 2 – 2425 Grafts

3. Hair Transplant Surgery 3 – 2488 Grafts

What you’ll see in this extensive list of hair transplant repair results photos are a couple of different hair cuts, some great closeups of some of the previous work and more intra-surgical photos showing my follicular units being prepped as well as incisions being made into my recipient scalp. By the time I had this surgery I had already been working in the clinic for about a month and while I was really in no need for additional surgery the opportunity came up when a patient had to cancel at the last minute. Dr. Wong then thought it was a good time to put the icing on the cake as the ISHRS conference for 2004 was going to be in Vancouver the following year so he thought it would be good to have my hair looking it’s best by this time. Who am I to turn down Dr. Wong?

The goal with this pass was to basically do more of the same to improve my hair transplant repair results further. More work was done in the crown, the temple points as well as more hairline lowering and overall thickening.

I had already buzzed my hair short just because I wanted to.

But Dr. Wong didn’t think it was enough.

Length makes all the difference in the world to the fullness of your hair.

A big improvement over my first head shaved pics.

You can see the left temple point result from the previous surgery.

Impeccable hair angle and direction.

Right profile with my temple points showing.

You can see Dr. Wong wanted to do more temple point work.

It’s still a really good result for such a large area.

This is only 4831 grafts giving me coverage for the entire NW6 area.

When buzzed down you can see the blend of hair direction between surgical and native hairs. Flawless!

While I was still laying prone Dr. Wong started in with the incisions for my crown.

Another good shot of the crown area recipient incisions.

Placement of crown grafts begins!

Another angle showing grafts placed into incisions sites.

Another shot of the crown after placement is finished.

I’m sitting up in the chair for yet another finished crown photo.

Here I am after laying prone for an hour and half.

Dr. Wong and his freezing gun. I called this his freeze ray.


Hairline freezing has been given and betadyne has been applied to kill any microscopic bugs.

Hairline and crown is finished. More grafts were placed throughout the frontal third and again into the temple points.

Follicular units prepared for implantation.

My donor zone was getting a bit painful so Dr. Wong hit me with a few more injections.