My name is Joe Tillman and I used to post on the various online discussion boards as “Jotronic”. I am the ORIGINAL Hair Transplant Mentor™. I had two hair transplant procedures in the early 1990’s with a doctor in Knoxville, Tennessee that ended up giving me disastrous results. I lived through the nineties and early 2000’s with a pluggy hairline, two wide donor scars, and not much else and by the time I was 31 years old I was a full blown NW6.5.

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Hair Transplant Mentor.com. A website born out of a passion to educate, to share and to empower hair loss sufferers. I was the first hair transplant blogger before “blogger” was even a word. I was the first to show not just the before and after of a hair transplant but also what happens in between the before and after. Before me, no one had shown what the surgery itself looks like and I was the first in the world to show a hair transplant video. If you have questions or anything you’d like for me to discuss feel free to let me know.

I eventually had two repair procedures with Dr. Jerry Wong of Hasson & Wong in Vancouver, BC Canada before I started working for Hasson & Wong in 2003. I have undergone two more hair transplant procedures and as of this writing I have had 9460 grafts transplanted from Dr. Wong. I have since moved on from Hasson & Wong and am currently an independent patient advocate.

I have a saying when it comes to hair restoration research; Think – Learn – Apply. What this means is simple.

– Think about what you are reading. Does it make sense? Is there a potential motive behind the information?

– Learn to distinguish fact from fiction. Look for consistency and verification of statements and information found online.

– Apply what you learn to your own situation and it should transform you into an informed hair restoration consumer.

This website will educate you and more importantly EMPOWER you because I will share with you the knowledge gained from the perspective of a hair transplant patient turned industry insider. I’ll discuss what to look out for, what to believe and what not to believe. Be sure to bookmark this website because I will be publishing new articles and blog posts that will give you the information you need to safely navigate the online world of hair restoration.Enjoy my website and always remember to think, learn, and apply.