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The hair transplant consultation. This is an unusual situation. It is when you walk into a place of business to talk about one of the most personal and embarrassing problems that you have to deal with every waking moment of your life. Oh, and you’re going to talk to a complete stranger about it. Not only that, you have to deal with the looks and the knowing glances of everyone in the office because they all know why you are there. It can be quite intimidating.

Here is how things will unfold when you have a hair transplant consultation. You will fill out some paper work where you will be answering all manner of questions so that the clinic, and the sales team, can get to know you better. They want to know not only where you live, how old you are, how long you’ve been dealing with hair loss and if you are taking medications to fight it, but they also want to know what you do for a living and how hair loss has affected you. What they are after are points of discussion in which they can establish a connection with you and they want to “qualify” you to see if you can afford surgery. In reality, there is nothing wrong with this as they just want to make sure they aren’t wasting their time with someone that can’t afford surgery.

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The clinical consultation is the time that all of your research will be put to good use. You’re going to walk into that doctor’s office and really show him/her that you’ve researched your options and you know what you’re talking about. You’ve filled out the paper work and you’ve sat long enough in the lobby, watching CNN or Dr. Phil while you wait for your turn,  and your name is called. You’re ready, this is it. You walk in, shake the doctor’s hand (or the hand of the consultant, or both) and once you sit down THEY start asking the questions. It seems innocuous enough but keep in mind that they’ve got all of the information they really need in front of them but they’re going to ask you how long you’ve been losing your hair anyway. You’ve written down that you have been taking Propecia for ten years but they’re going to ask you about that too and multiple other questions that you already answered on your consultation form. This is because they want to control the situation and asking questions is the way to control the direction of the discussion. They also want you to talk about yourself because psychologically, the more we talk about ourselves the more we open up which means, subconsciously, we are more receptive to buying. It’s a fact proven in studies and in millions of sales scenarios every single day.

Through thousands of one on one consultations and many more thousands of phone calls, I have seen and spoken to all manner of men and women about their hair loss problems and their hair restoration ambitions and the one thing that has been almost exactly the same, from one patient to the next, is that they haven’t realized that as the patient they are the boss. What I mean is that as the patient you are interviewing the doctor to do a job for you and there is no reason to feel intimidated. The doctor is competing against several other qualified candidates (if you’ve done your research) so it is his job to show you why he deserves to be hired. That is why I have developed, as part of the Hair Transplant Toolkit, the world’s first downloadable and printable Hair Transplant Mentor™ Clinic Interview Form. This form has all of the questions you want to ask and all of the questions you SHOULD ask.

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