Hair Transplant India – Meet Dr. Sethi in Toronto

hair transplant in indiaDr. Pradeep Sethi of Eugenix Hair Sciences in Mumbai and New Delhi India will be in Toronto Canada on March 12th and March 13th, 2020. You may have learned about Dr. Sethi and his wife, Dr. Arika Bansal, on my Youtube channel where I gave them an overwhelmingly positive review. I gladly accepted them to the Hair Transplant Mentor™ group of exceptional hair restoration specialists.

There is a reason why I feel they’re a fantastic choice, and not simply because of their generally lower cost. If price were not considered, they’d still be considered as one of the premiere hair restoration facilities in the world. They take an approach to their craft that is second to none. Dr. Sethi and Dr. Bansal have dedicated their lives to improving the hair transplant experience through both the art and science of the field.

As you all know, I don’t “sell” hair transplants and I believe that surgery is the last resort but if you’ve reached the point where you’d like to learn more about your situation from one of the finest specialists in the world, I recommend you reach out to Eugenix Hair Sciences and schedule your visit with Dr. Sethi. Dr. Sethi will examine your scalp and if you are considering a hair transplant in India he'll provide you with all of the details about your hair transplant cost in India with Eugenix Hair Sciences.

In case you missed the video of my review, you can check it out here. I break down all of the reasons why I feel Eugenix Hair Sciences and hair transplant India doctors Sethi and Bansal are excellent at their craft. And stay tuned as I have a new video about Eugenix Hair Sciences coming out soon. To register to meet with Dr. Sethi in Toronto, email

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