Have you ever read about hair transplant surgery or hair restoration of some kind and thought that you were reading Greek? Have you ever wanted a resource to keep handy when your eyes are glossing over from reading hair loss information that does not make sense? So many websites talk about a type of hair loss, hair restoration, hair transplant techniques, wigs, treatments, cloning, etc., but very few websites have taken the time to really explain to you what it is that you’re reading. In other words, very few websites have a list of hair transplant terms and definitions or a hair transplant glossary available that you can use as a reference during your research. I have decided to create the most comprehensive and exhaustive hair transplant glossary that you will find anywhere in the world. You’re welcome.)
Below is a list of the most common hair transplant glossary terms you will find during your hair transplant and hair loss research. Some of these hair transplant glossary terms are not so common, and you will read about them for the first time here. The hair transplant glossary terms are in alphabetical order, and each term is a link to a full page that gives you the complete definition of what that hair transplant or hair loss term means. If you do not see a term listed that you have come across during your research, you can contact me with your new term, and I’ll let you know what it means and add it to the list.
Please note that some of the hair transplant glossary terms you read will not be 100% accurate as they apply to how various clinics and professionals will reference the term. But the general hair transplant glossary terms and their definitions are accurate regarding my own experience and what the majority of the industry recognizes as the true definition. If you have questions about any of the terms listed in this hair loss and hair transplant glossary, do not hesitate to contact me.

Hair Transplant Glossary