Zero Hair Transplant Cost For Repair?

hair transplant cost
Hair transplant cost can be very high, especially for repair.

I am very happy to announce the first ever true hair transplant pro-bono repair program. This program is called Project Repair. Project Repair has been somewhat of a dream of mine for many years. I have always wanted to be able to provide an opportunity for hair transplant surgery victims to receive the repair they desperately need. Unfortunately, due to overwhelming hair transplant cost that most patients are subject to many patients cannot afford the repair that is necessary for a normal and natural appearance. I was once one of these patients and if it were not for some creative financing I never would have received my first hair transplant repair with Dr. Wong.

Hair Transplant Mentor Project Repair is the first pro-bono program of it's kind for hair transplant repair patients. There is no obligation for hair transplant patients at all. Project Repair is not a program designed for marketing and patients can maintain their dignity by not being required to be in videos or post their stories on the internet. Even with anonymity found on hair loss and hair transplant forums it can still be embarrassing to share one's story. Opportunities to share might be discussed but there is no obligation to take part as I feel it is wrong to offer hair transplant repair with conditions. Hair transplant costs are usually very difficult for most patients to afford and when they finally can afford their procedures and those procedures wind up making the patient look worse rather than better it is near impossible for the same amount of money to be raised just to correct what was supposed to be the solution. This is what happens to many hair transplant patients. The hair transplant cost is very high and the hair transplant cost for repair can be just as high if not higher. Such is the way of the market but now there is hope for some hair transplant repair patients.

Hair Transplant Cost

Project Repair aims to bring one new hair transplant repair case to each Hair Transplant Mentor member doctor per year. This does not mean one surgery. "One case" means one patient regardelss of how many surgeries may be necessary because many hair transplant repair patients need two or more surgeries to restore the appearance of naturalness and therefore normalcy. Membership as a Hair Transplant Mentor partner doctor now requires participation in Project Repair. The doctors I accept for membership are doctors I would have surgery with myself so if I believe enough in them performing surgery on my own head then I feel they are good enough to offer repair in the Project Repair program and they will be expected to do so.

"But Joe, haven't their been other pro-bono programs for hair transplant repair patients?". Yes, but they were not true pro-bono programs. They have either required some sort of public exposure of the patient or the procedures were not entirely free but were instead at reduced hair transplant cost. "Operation Restore" is one pro-bono program that is has the most exposure. It is operated by the ISHRS but it is not intended to repair patients of badly performed hair transplant surgeries. It is designed to help those that need a hair transplant due to having been injured in car addidents or having received severe burns to the scalp. In other words, it does not address bad hair transplant results. The high hair transplant cost in general is why Operation Restore can help but it should have included former hair transplant patients in the program from the beginning. Project Repair is the first and only true pro-bono repair program for victims of badly performed hair transplant surgery.

If you have had a hair transplant and the outcome was not good you might qualify for Project Repair. Project Repair is in place due to very high hair transplant costs and it is for repair patients that cannot afford proper and safe hair transplant repair. To find out more simply visit the Project Repair web page where you can learn more about why high hair transplant cost might not be a hurdle to your repair any longer.

Hair Transplant Mentor™ Project Repair

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