Hair Transplant Clinic Warning Signs

Hair Transplant Class #16 shows you three of the biggest hair transplant clinic warning signs. When you've been doing your research I'm sure you've come across the long list of websites that seem too good to be true. Well, most of them are simply because of the fact that they use very obvious and aggressive tactics to try and gain your interest. This class #16 helps you to understand some of the basics about how clinics are trying to get your attention with these hair transplant clinic warning signs.

What Are Hair Transplant Clinic Warning Signs?

hair transplant clinic warning signsThe three biggest hair transplant clinic warning signs are pretty easy to understand once I spell them out for you. The first is that I think that there are too many photos of models that are not actually hair transplant patients. This leads to a false sense of security for the consumer. I think most people are smart enough to realize that these are not real patients. However, the placement leads to an unconscious persuasion for the consumer. If it didn't, why do clinics do this?

The second of the three biggest hair transplant clinic warning signs deals with hair transplant cost. Understandably, this is a big deal for a lot of people. Hair transplant surgery is an expensive procedure but now a lot of clinics are advertising based on price first. This means that the results are no longer a priority. I believe this is not the way this should be done. When you focus on competing on price, you usually cannot compete on quality. I think that once you find a clinic that has the quality that you demand then price negotiations can then begin. Trust me, almost all clinics will negotiate with you on the price.

The third warning sign is to beware of clinics that market based on the type of FUE machine they use. The "Neograft procedure" is not a special procedure because it is just FUE using a tool. The Smartgraft procedure is not a procedure because it is just FUE performed with a tool. The same goes for any other automated or even robotic FUE procedures. As you continue to watch my Hair Transplant Class series you'll begin to understand the four types of FUE surgery.

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    Hair transplant is one of the tuff treatment, so before getting this treatment you must consult to a qualified surgeon.

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