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Dr. Jerry Wong

As this website moves forward and matures I will be adding new sections and new tools. Before that happens however I felt it necessary to put together a page dedicated to my doctor, Dr. Jerry Wong. Dr. Wong deserves all the credit in the world for turning my life around. Without him, I would not be here. I would not be in Canada and I wouldn't even be married to the woman I'm married to. It all started with him so I wanted to make sure the received the recognition … read more

Rocking The Hair Transplant Boat

Since I've announced that I am no longer working with any single clinic and have shared the update of this website I have received a lot of great support from hair transplant patients and I've had some very nice support on the hair transplant forums with even more support via emails behind the scenes. I've also had hair transplant doctors contact me to congratulate me, some have contacted me via Skype to introduce themselves and to pick my brain, but a few have contacted me to say that my Hair … read more

Is This The Treatment We’ve Been Waiting For?

stem cell hair

I've read, heard and seen it all. Stem cells is such an overused term that it no longer has any sort of meaning or significance for me. However, my wife was perusing the interwebs this morning and this story popped up on her Facebook feed (but not mine???) and she pointed it out to me. I at first gave it only 1.3 seconds of my time but then she kept reading it and then I got a bit more interested. This seems to be the most promising, yet still unsubstantiated, … read more

Who is The Best Hair Transplant Doctor?


This is a question often asked by individuals when seeking out information about surgical hair restoration. Who is the best doctor? I get this question all the time and for a while, long ago, I knew exactly who was the best doctor. Then I woke up. The question is not an easy one to answer.

In today's hair restoration world there are more doctors entering the field than ever before and with the influx of new doctors comes an influx of new ideas and new ways to look at things. … read more

iGrow gets FDA clearance


I have never been a fan of laser hair restoration devices. I have talked in the past about how the laser diodes in such devices are no different than the laser diodes found in a common laser pointer you can get from your local office supply store. From my research several years ago they have about the same wattage, are in the same class per US government guidelines and have the wavelength that is very similar. For the cheapest of laser pointers the wavelength is about 650 nm whereas the … read more

Hair Transplant Clinic Advertising


Before & After results. Is that all that really matters? Yes and no. In reality, the truth is much more revealing about why and how hair restoration clinics advertise their results. It is obvious that hair restoration clinics need to advertise their abilities by showing results as that is the basis for any business based on some sort of aesthetic as their "product". How will you know what a clinic can do if they don't show you? But the fact is that the presentation itself is not what you can … read more

Hair Transplant Recovery; Is This Normal???


Is flaking of the scalp normal after a hair transplant surgery? Well, yes but it depends on how long it has been since the surgery. If your scalp is flaking and you only recently had a hair transplant then it is very normal. The scalp tends to get dry after a procedure but more than that you can have continued flaking and even crusts develop long after the actual scabbing has subsided. This crusting is formed from a buildup of edema. Edema is the yellowish fluid that builds up in … read more

How Long Does It Take To See Final Results?

Man looking at watch in consternation

I think “final” here is a bit misleading because it can mean final growth or final development. By “development” I mean how the hair continues to change in very subtle ways after all the growth has kicked in and gained any length. Let me explain further…

After undergoing a hair restoration the grafts go through a bit of an adjustment period. Hair has two main growth phases; Anagen (the growing phase) and telogen (the dormant phase). When hair grows it grows continuously for a few years (the number will vary … read more



Over the past several years of having my hair back I have learned a few things about how transplanted hair behaves over time. I’m not saying that it acts differently than non-transplanted hair or anything like that but more rather what the conditions are that allow it to look it’s best.

If you've never had a hair transplant understand that it acts just like non-transplanted hair if the procedure was performed correctly. You cut it when it grows long, you style it every day, and you can even have highlights … read more