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Hair Transplant Recovery; Is This Normal???


Is flaking of the scalp normal after a hair transplant surgery? Well, yes but it depends on how long it has been since the surgery. If your scalp is flaking and you only recently had a hair transplant then it is very normal. The scalp tends to get dry after a procedure but more than that you can have continued flaking and even crusts develop long after the actual scabbing has subsided. This crusting is formed from a buildup of edema. Edema is the yellowish fluid that builds up in … read more

How Long Does It Take To See Final Results?

Man looking at watch in consternation

I think “final” here is a bit misleading because it can mean final growth or final development. By “development” I mean how the hair continues to change in very subtle ways after all the growth has kicked in and gained any length. Let me explain further…

After undergoing a hair restoration the grafts go through a bit of an adjustment period. Hair has two main growth phases; Anagen (the growing phase) and telogen (the dormant phase). When hair grows it grows continuously for a few years (the number will vary … read more



Over the past several years of having my hair back I have learned a few things about how transplanted hair behaves over time. I’m not saying that it acts differently than non-transplanted hair or anything like that but more rather what the conditions are that allow it to look it’s best.

If you've never had a hair transplant understand that it acts just like non-transplanted hair if the procedure was performed correctly. You cut it when it grows long, you style it every day, and you can even have highlights … read more