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Hair Transplant in Belgium

FUE hair transplant surgery has become very popular around the world, especially in the past five years. It seems that any time you open your web browser, a magazine, or your local newspaper you will see an advertisement for hair transplant surgery at discount prices. If you are losing your hair these advertisements can be very tempting. But what do you get for your hard earned money at discount hair transplant clinics? A lot of questions. When dealing with discount hair transplant clinics you don't know who is doing the surgery. There may be a doctor's name associated with the clinic, there may not be, but the people that are doing your surgery are usually technicians that have no formal medical training. Many only have secondary school diplomas and are working part time to help with bills. In any other field of cosmetic surgery doctors perform the entire surgery with assistance from technicians only.


Medikemos Hair Restoration is different. At Medikemos Hair Restoration technicians are not left in charge of performing your hair transplant surgery. Medikemos Hair Restoration is founded and supervised by Dr. Emorane Lupanzula. Dr. Lupanzula is responsible for your surgery from the beginning to the end with assistance from technicians only. This is what has led Dr. Lupanzula to be recognized world-wide as one of the most consistently excellent hair restoration surgeons in the world. He does not take short cuts.

Dr. Lupanzula received his medical degree as a doctor of medicine, surgery and obstetrics from the Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium with a specialty in acute and emergency medicine. He eventually went on to Université Claude Bernard de Lyon where he obtained a diploma as "Specialist" in Hair Transplantation and Treatment of Alopecia. Dr. Lupanzula has been to almost every  conference and FUE Workshop since 2007 where he closely examined the techniques of dozens of the leading FUSS and FUE surgeons in the world. Dr. Lupanzula has taken components of various techniques from these doctors and clinics from around the world and adapted and modified these components for his own unique approach to surgical hair restoration. This approach has allowed Dr. Lupanzula to create some truly excellent results for every kind of hair loss sufferer.

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FUE hair restoration surgery should be performed with expertise that can only come from years of experience. FUE hair transplant surgery requires the removal of each and every hair with extreme care and skill in order to ensure complete survival once they are transplanted to the recipient zone. With technician clinics you can see additional shortcuts being taken through the use of motorized tools to transplant these hairs which only serves to speed the process. Dr. Lupanzula however uses a hand held manual system that allows him to detect subtle differences in the hair shaft to ensure 100% safety of the hair. When the hair is safely removed it will have the best chance for survival and will eventually grow into strong and healthy new hair. Dr. Lupanzula performs the entire removal process with his own two hands so you have 100% dedication from one of the most respected hair restoration doctors in the world.

Dr. Lupanzula started Medikemos Hair Restoration in 2010 and designed the clinic to be state of the art but still warm and welcoming to his patients. Dr. Lupanzula wants to ensure his patients have every opportunity to feel comfortable so he designed into the Medikemos clinic the first ever "comfort room" that will not be found in any other hair restoration clinic. This room is a quite space for patients to go and relax during breaks or before they begin their procedure. This is the unofficial theme of the clinic and everyone at Medikemos Hair Restoration strives to ensure that patients feel welcome.

If you or someone you know is considering hair restoration it is wise to consider what you feel is important for a clinic to gain your trust. Doctor only FUE extractions, minimal technician assistance, a reliable and consistent track record of excellence and a warm and inviting environment for patient comfort. This is the Medikemos way and if you agree that these are important aspects to consider then we welcome your inquiry for a no-obligation online consultation or you can meet with Dr. Lupanzula at the Medikemos clinic or you can meet him during one of his frequent journeys to Spain. Regardless of your choice you will receive a thorough and information consultation and education so you can make the right decision for yourself. At Medikemos, we believe that an informed and educated patient is a happy patient.

We look forward to hearing from you.