A Hair Transplant Award for Dr. Lupanzula

congresso_curitiba011 I've seen hair transplant award after hair transplant award given to hair transplant doctors and hair transplant clinics over the years but to be honest, most of them are empty and offer little substance beyond a marketing opportunity. Don't get me wrong, they can be great but most of them simply aren't. One hair transplant award that stands out to me is the hair transplant award received by Dr. Lupanzula at the Brazilian Association of Hair Restoration Surgery (ABCRC) conference in August of 2016 Dr. Lupanzula traveled to Curitiba, Brazil, along with hundreds of other doctors from around the world to discuss and share information regarding the field of hair restoration.

hair transplant awardAs usual, some familiar names were also at the conference to share presentations including Dr. Alex Ginsburg of Tel Aviv, hair transplant specialist Dr. Jerry Wong of Vancouver, Dr. Jose Lorenzo of Madrid, hair transplant specialist Dr. Ron Shapiro of Minneapolis, Dr. Alejandro Chueco of Buenos Aires, among many others. Hair transplant specialist Dr. Lupanzula  was also invited to participate in four separate "round table" discussions. He discussed how to safely identify the safe donor zone on various patients, gave a presentation on the treatment of scarring (cicatricial) alopecia using hand held FUE, the use of body hair and beard hair to augment traditional scalp donor hair and his main presentation regarding proper and ethical treatment of the patient. This one was a favorite of mine due to my own concerns about this topic.

hair transplant awardDuring all conferences there is an award ceremony and this is where I'm proud of Dr. Lupanzula. Dr. Lupanzula received the Marcelo Gandelman Award. This hair transplant award was given to Dr. Lupanzula in recognition of his work on, and his documentation of, a burn victim that lost most of the hair in the front of his scalp due to a gas explosion at a young age. These cases have always fascinated me since I saw my first burn victim hair transplant patient fifteen years ago. This is also what motivated Dr. Lupanzula to enter the hair transplant field to begin with after he saw what could be done to treat burn victims.

The patient used in the presentation is shown in the video below and it represents some of the best HD video work in the industry when it comes to showing proper before and after results. It is obvious why Dr. Lupanzula is very deserving of this hair transplant award.


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