Dr. Jerry Cooley

Dr. Jerry Cooley of Charlotte, North Carolina

It is with great pleasure that I am welcoming Dr. Jerry Cooley to the Hair Transplant Mentor™ team. Dr. Cooley is in my opinion one of the greats in the field of hair restoration and hair loss research. Dr. Cooley has been performing high quality, ultra refined hair restoration surgery for nearly twenty years. I don't have an official review of his clinic to share but I will in the near future. Some people may ask me why I have decided to work with Dr. Cooley if there is not review. Well, that's because there was, and there wasn't. I have been to Dr. Cooley's clinic but it was not for a formal visit or review like I normally carry out. I usually plan the visit ahead of time so that the clinic can gather patients for interview and be sure that enough people have commited to allow for thorough interviews and in person inspection of results. In this case however, I was in the Charlotte area and some of my plans were changed at the last minute and since Dr. Cooley had been telling me for years to come by his clinic if I found myself in the Charlotte area, I did just that! Once I made contact I hopped in the rental car and headed over for a visit. The first impression I got once I arrived occured before I even set foot inside his clinics. This first impression was one of professionalism.

Experienced Hair Restoration

north carolina hair restoration clinic
Carolina Dermatology Hair Center in Charlotte, North Carolina

Carolina Dermatology Hair Center in Charlotte, North Carolina

Dr. Cooley's Carolina Dermatology Hair Center is located in the CHS Pinewood Medical Plaza in Charlotte, North Carolina. It is a true professional medical builiding with proper research facilities and office space. Dr. Cooley is not just a world class hair restoration surgeon but he is also a world renowned hair loss researcher and dermatologist. Dr. Cooley has been at the forefront of hair loss research and the treatment of hair loss through non-surgical means. Some of the techniques he researches and utilzes for his patients are Acell and PRP (platelet rich plasma) therapy as well as Autocloning. This is a procedure in which Dr. Cooley "plucks" hairs, many times beard hair, and after bathing these plucked hairs in a special solution that is mixed with ACell® MatriStem™ the hairs are placed into incisions with a noticeable positive yield. The yield is not 100% nor that of what one would expect with traditional hair restoration techniques but the yield is high enough for many patients to experience a positive cosmetic benefit.

Dr. Cooley hair transplant in Charlotte
When Dr. Cooley performs FUE he scores and extracts each graft with no technician assistance. All incisions are made by Dr. Cooley and he places half of all grafts as well.

It was great to finally visit Dr. Cooley's hair restoration clinic after knowing him for over ten years and it was a real pleasure to watch his surgery. He was performing a FUSS procedure on a colleague doctor (not a hair restoration doctor) along with his assistant Brandi. I've seen a lot of surgeries before but one thing I can say, and I'll show this in the video I'll shoot on my next visit, is that Brandi is one of the most talented surgical hair restoration techs I've ever seen. I'll leave it at that and won't spoil the video but she's worth watching in the video. She's simply incredible with her skills. The entire team is a very well oiled machine and I was really impressed with everything I saw, from the entrance to the building to the lab where some of the research is conducted to the surgical suites where the magic happens.

I'll be traveling back to Charlotte, North Carolina in the near future to conduct a proper hair restoration review on camera. I'll interview a few hair restoration patients as well as Dr. Cooley himself so if you have any questions you can submit them on the "Ask Joe" hair transplant forum. I'll gather the questions together and ask Dr. Cooley on camera so you can get your answers straight from the man himself.

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