FUE Repair Case by Dr. Lupanzula

I love a good FUE repair case especially because of my own hair transplant repair history and here we have a case by Dr. Lupanzula that I think it about as close to perfect as can be found anywhere. This patient had some really unnatural looking grafts placed into his hairline for what I imagine would have been approached as a hairline thickening procedure. As is the case in situations like this he looks like he continued to recede and lose hair thereby exposing his the hair that was transplanted. I can relate to this as it is exactly what happened to me 25 years ago. The difference is that he didn't have a strip scar, much less two strip scars like I had, but he had some fairly large FUE gaps in his donor area. I believe he'll be going back for another pass to address the back and the scarring from his first procedure prior to his FUE repair case. Why I really like this FUE repair case is because of a few reasons. First, Dr. Lupanzula did not go all out to get big numbers for this patient's hair loss. He obviously had large area of loss as he looks like he is a diffused NW5A. Instead of going for 5000 grafts Dr. Lupanzula only did 2907 grafts, which is about the limit he'll perform in any visit by the patient and this was a two day procedure. Why is this my preferred approach to FUE repair? Because it is not taking chances with all of the patient's donor hair. This gives the patient a chance to return to a normal appearance without risking everything to do it. I used to really like the big sessions of strip and FUE where 5000 or more grafts were taken but as I would see more and more failures early in my career I realized that bigger sessions are playing with fire. This also gives the patient the opportunity to maybe stop here as many times I've seen cases where once the front grows in the patient is no longer concerned about the back. This saves donor hair for the future and it saves money. This is just a sensible approach that Dr. Lupanzula and the patient chose and I think it is the perfect repair case. If you want to learn more about Dr. Lupanzula you can visit his website at www.fuehairdoctor.co.uk and read about why he's a Hair Transplant Mentor™ partner on his hair transplant doctor profile page.

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