FUE History

This was a good show. It's always great being on air with Spencer Kobren as we always seem to have great discussions. This one was no different except that it was a bit more serious in tone simply due to what I think was my frustration I was feeling at the time. I've been doing this for over ten years and I still get charges up by things I see and read online. There are a of claims all over the web and most of them are completely bogus. Spencer and I set the story straight on much of what is being said online and we won't let FUE history be rewritten by those that would like to insert their names where they don't belong. I touched on some of this in my hair transplant surgery basics page where I'm describing the full history of surgical hair restoration. As I said on the program, it is more of a comprehensive overview and doesn't touch on the details. I'm saving those tidbits for another writing opportunity:) Enjoy!

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