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Hair transplants in Turkey is what most people are looking for when they start to do a little research. Today, after five years, I can finally add a hair transplant clinic in Turkey to my website as a Hair Transplant Mentor™ accepted member. Today, we’re going to be talking about Dr. Koray Erdogan and the team as ASMED in Istanbul, Turkey.

Dr. Erdogan has been performing hair transplant surgery since not long after he graduated medical school and opened his first clinic in 2001. I first met Dr. Erdogan after he invited me to his clinic in 2015 when he was hosting the ISHRS FUE Workshop at the time. The clinic at the time was brand new and was the most impressive clinic I had ever seen to date. This was roughly six months after I changed Hair Transplant Mentor™ to a standards based organization so I was in inspection mode when I was there. I spent three days in Dr. Erdogan’s Turkish hair transplant clinic and I came away very impressed with the standards they have in place. The facility was constructed like a high level hospital and all of the infectious control protocols I saw were way above standard. I knew then that if Dr. Erdogan were to apply he’d most likely easily pass my review.

Over the past several years since I’ve been to Turkey I’ve watched clinics come and go, but Dr. Erdogan’s clinic ASMED has grown more popular than ever. However, instead of resting on his laurels, Dr. Erdogan has grown the clinic and moved into yet a bigger, newer clinic. Surprisingly, it is more impressive than the one I visited in 2015. But being what appears to be an “A” type personality, Dr. Erdogan does not try to simply grow his clinic. He’s constantly looking for ways to innovate FUE hair transplant surgery on every level. He developed a mathematical formula for determining not only how much donor hair a patient has, but also how much donor hair can be safely taken in one procedure. He’s developed an innovative camera system that establishes consistency for proper documentation. Combined with his “coverage value” donor calculation system, he’s worked with a university in Istanbul to create an algorithm and robotic camera system that automatically calculates the donor supply in a matter of seconds. He’s developed original tools for his technicians to use for placing grafts called “KEEP”. What I think is most impressive is the training program created for his technicians. ASMED is the only clinic in the world that trains technicians the same way surgical interns learn how to perform surgery, by using cadaver tissue for the most realistic training possible.

As you see in the video I made about the clinic, Dr. Erdogan had all the staff members we met introduce themselves with their names, but also with their length of employment with the clinic. This was a pleasant surprise when I received the video from Dr. Erdogan as it shows that his trusted support staff have been with him for years. Most clinics in Turkey have a very high turnover rate where technicians will bounce from one clinic to the next or even work for multiple clinics to maximize their own earnings. ASMED and Dr. Erdogan strive to create an atmosphere of family for all the staff which insures that everyone cares about what they do.

As I said earlier, I’ve see a lot of hair transplant clinics in Turkey come and go. ASMED was not the first famous hair transplant clinic in Turkey to be known in the West, but they have made the biggest impact for how Turkish clinics are viewed. In fact, Dr. Erdogan and his approach to training and his innovative techniques have made him one of the most influential hair transplant surgeons since 2010.

If you have any questions about ASMED, feel free to contact them at https://www.hairtransplantfue.org/ and be sure to tell them I sent you.

Dr. Koray Erdogan has passed my rigorous review process before being given Hair Transplant Mentor™ accepted member status. The review process is based on my own high standards based on over twenty years of working with world class clinics. Once accepted, every Hair Transplant Mentor™ member clinic pays a monthly retainer fee for membership and my services.

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