FUE Hair Transplant Consultations – September 2018

Dr. Emorane Lupanzula of Medikemos Hair Restoration in Brussels Belgium will be in London on September 15th, 2018 to perform live one on one consultations. During your consultation with Dr. Lupanzula, you will receive a comprehensive evaluation of your hair loss situation and an overview of what you can do to halt or slow your hair loss. You'll also receive an FUE hair restoration outline that will detail your short term and long term hair restoration plan, as discussed, with Dr. Lupanzula.

Dr. Lupanzula consistently receives praise, not only for his outstanding world class FUE hair restoration results, but his unusually high degree of patient focused attention during consultations. When you meet Dr. Lupanzula, your time is with Dr. Lupanzula.

To schedule your visit, contact Medikemos Hair Restoration at www.fuehairdoctor.co.uk or email [email protected]



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