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Hair transplant forums can be a double edged sword. They are valuable as vast resources in your quest for hair loss and hair restoration knowledge. They are also dangerous because you never know who you are dealing with except in rare circumstances. Think about it; hundreds of people post every day on various forums around the world and almost every one of them are using anonymous online nicknames and if they show any photos of themselves they rarely do so showing their faces. You don’t know if they are a legitimate contributor, a clinic shill that is trying to influence readers or if it is the forum management trying to make it look like their forum has more activity than it really does. Yes, this does happen.

Hair Transplant Forums - The Options

For hair transplant forums with comprehensive interaction and multiple sections and topics I know of several that you should consider. The forums listed below are what I believe to be solid options for hair transplant forum research. Just like hair transplant doctors, you need to do your research when it comes to hair transplant forums as well. Hair transplant forums are a really weird place to visit online. Why? Well, because you have all sorts of people to deal with and keep in mind, every legitimate poster that takes part in the various forums are having some sort of emotional issue with their hair loss. While this usually results in a fantastic environment for hair loss sufferers to express themselves it can also lead to some very unusual behavior and even conflicts among members.

Another thing about hair transplant forums is that sometimes you just can’t trust what you are reading. Why? Because in my opinion there are clinics that actively employ individuals to seek out various hair loss and hair transplant forum websites, create user accounts, and then post as patients of the clinic. Sometimes they may not post as patients but “fans” of the clinic that really like the work and “are considering using them in the future”. Even worse, there may be hair transplant forum websites that could be enticing doctors to join by creating user accounts that are used by the forum itself to post comments and questions about doctors or clinics that the hair transplant forum would like to approach for membership. This may happen by posting comments such as “I have heard good things about clinic “X” and I think you should consider them”. The user accounts of these members usually have a really low post count and no real tangible information in their online profiles and certainly no photos of their own hair loss problems. The problem is that you just don’t know who is a real poster and who is not.

I personally like only a few forums and how they treat the users that are members as well as the clinics that advertise with them. They are listed below in no particular order. I know the owners of each of these respective forums and they have strong policies to weed out imposters and trolls. This makes for a safer environment for patients as well as clinics. While no hair transplant forum is perfect I feel that these hair transplant forums have a degree of integrity that makes them worth visiting. I participate on a regular basis on these forums so you may see me post there from time to time as well.

BaldtruthTalk is the online hair loss and hair transplant forum for IAHRS doctors, their patients and those that wish to learn more and discuss the various options and issues that hair loss sufferers have to deal with. There is healthy debate and discussion and a clear cut TOS that is strict about keeping trolls and ugliness out. This means that patients and clinics alike can have a level of safety in knowing that they are dealing with real people.

Hair Loss Experiences is a UK based hair transplant forum. This is the newest of the reputable hair loss and hair transplant forums and they are growing fast and have developed a strong member base. The owner/administrator of is a hair loss sufferer and hair transplant patient himself so he understands what it’s like to have need for a safe environment for research and discussion. has a low threshhold when it comes to putting up with imposters and trouble makers so this too is a strong resourse to consider. is one of the oldest forums and has a healthy mix of surgical and non-surgical discussions for those with hair loss issues. Compared to most outlets seems to have a stronger community focused on future treatments such as hair cloning and hair multiplication.

BelliCapelli Forum is an Italian based hair transplant forum but it has sections that deal with hair transplant and hair loss subject matter in multiple languages. It is a very comprehensive hair loss and hair transplant forum that has a massive amount of European traffic with a very large member base. They are going through some very big changes and updates so be patient while they get everything completed.

International Hair Loss Forum is the biggest French language hair loss and hair transplant forum in the world with almost 3000 members. Started in 2007 the International Hair Loss Forum has grown to have multiple topics of subject matter ranging from hair loss topical discussions to hair transplant doctors and everything in between, just, in French. You can find many of the hair transplant clinics on this website that you’d find on hair transplant forums in other languages as many of the clinics are multi-lingual and have several staff members that are fluent in the various languages found in Europe. is a hair loss website that deals with all manner of hair loss solutions including, but not limited to, hair transplant surgery. has more information about hair loss in general and the non-surgical means of dealing with hair loss but it is a well rounded resource overall so you should utilize it as a tool in your research for your hair loss or hair restoration goals. is the German language hair transplant forum where most of my German friends find their hair transplant and hair loss related information. I’ve known the owner of this forum for a few years and I know he’s one of the good guys. As with some of the other hair forums, has multiple categories of hair loss and hair restoration related information that can be extremely helpful for anyone looking for another resource for their research. Don’t let the German language be a barrier if you don’t speak it. Google translate works really well, especially if you use the Chrome browser. You just have to read slowly so you can make sure you don’t misinterpret what is being said. I highly recommend it!

This is just my list of trusted online hair transplant forums for now. There are a few others that I need to get more information on but this should be good enough for you for now. If you visit and sign up on any of these forums, tell them the Hair Transplant Mentor™ sent you:)Onwards and upwards!

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