Five Facts About Hair Loss You Didn’t Know – The Norwood Scale

I decided to get back to the basics of hair restoration and hair loss for my next Hair Transplant Class, this time in episode #008, where I address the facts about hair loss you didn't know. I realized when I was thinking of new subject matter to discuss that I had kind of gotten away from my original intent with the series so this is my effort to right the ship with the facts about hair loss. When dealing with hair loss and trying to figure out what you want to do, you first have to figure out where you are. You can't find your way home on a map if you can't find where you're standing and for that, we have the Norwood/Hamilton hair loss scale, or chart. This is like a map for hair loss in men (and some women).

The problem with this map is that it isn't entirely accurate, in that it doesn't cover all of the natural patterns, some common, some not, that are found in nature. I always wondered why this is but all I can do is explain the facts about hair loss with the shortcomings of the Norwood scale in an effort to better educate you about where your hair loss is and where it is heading. In this video I talk about the origins of the Norwood/Hamilton hair loss scale and I dive deep into the many facts about hair loss patterns that are not addressed. This includes hair loss of the donor areas on the back and the sides of your scalp as well as the top and crown of your scalp. You should really take some time to watch this video about the facts about hair loss you probably don't know, because you really probably didn't know.

I've got a lot more videos coming up, including videos with more facts about hair loss so subscribe and stay tuned.

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